Want to support us? - Welcome to your Sunset Valley store!

For those of you that want to go the extra mile and show your enormous support for me and Sunset Valley. I've launched some collections where you can get a little bit back in game for your contributions. This will help keep the Sunset Valley experience fresh and alive for months to come. 

Donation Rewards are where you'll find our bundled offerings, these offer great value and contain a load of benefits in game, from titles to some new funky perks to aid you with your journey through the wipe.

Single Collections are the little added extras we know you all love, all of these (except recyclers) can of course still be acquired in-game, but if you want that little bit extra like having 3 or 4 recyclers in your base then here's where you can go to do that.

Getting your hands on these is simple, just log in with your Steam ID, add the collections of your choice to your basket and check out. The purchases will be available in game within minutes. If you've purchased a collection containing a kit, this can then be claimed in the in-game chat with /kit.

Please note if you've been banned from the server, please continue to purchase, but you will not be granted access back.

Also - if you feel like something is missing - please send me a message on Discord (:

Yours truly,

Therily & Jaybee3

If you just want to support the work we do purely out of kindness, you can still buy us coffee. 

All prices are including VAT.